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Fun Casino Royale Night Fundraiser... How does it work?

This is for all the lovely people attending our event, or those who are unsure as you don't know what to expect...

Amptron have teamed up with Casino Hire UK to host a James Bond Casino Royale fundraising event to raise money for

One Paw at a Time Dog Rescue & Nottingham City Council Child Stars Appeal.

On the evening you cannot play with real money. Fun money is provided with ticket entry which is what you use to play, additional fun money can be purchased on the evening from our designated sales desk or the representatives walking the floor. (These representatives will be made clear at the event).

So How Does it Work???

So you want to play at the table... First you exchange your fun money at the desired table to play.

Once your finished you would then cash back out if you've won and receive fun money back for you winnings or larger sums will get a fun money cheque. This will occur at all the tables etc.

What do i do with my winnings??

As this is a fun casino you cannot exchange your winnings for real cash. Remember we are raising funds to help One Paw at a Time Dog Rescue & Nottingham City Council Child Stars Appeal!

But What Can i Win?

The kind people of ERF Electrical Wholesalers Ltd in Ilkeston are putting up the a

CASH PRIZE for the 1st & 2nd Most Successful winners of the Evening!

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